Blind spots Images of the Danish West Indies colony



The Royal Library’s tool MIXOSCOPE lets you create your own remix of historic photos from the Danish colony in the West Indies. You can change perspective, add colours, put different photos together and write comments.

The idea behind MIXOSCOPE is to offer a tool that you can use to engage in a dialogue on Denmark's past as a colonial power. The photos are taken by visiting Danes. They were supposed to show people back home in Denmark how life and people looked like in the remote colony in the Caribbean.

The photos portray the Danish West Indies as a peaceful and exotic place. But for centuries, the Danish colony had been the frame of both slave trade and slavery. At the time when the photos were taken, slavery had already been abolished. However, great social divides still existed and most of the population lived under poor conditions.

With MIXOSCOPE you can take the subjects out of their usual surroundings. You can create new landscapes with new contexts. You can leave the people on the photos speak in lines and you can challenge the perspective that the photographer has chosen.

Be as creative as you like - discuss and comment. But avoid expressing yourself in derogatory, bullying or harassing terms. Remember to treat others as you want to be treated. The Royal Library will select what is shown in the gallery MIXOSCOPES. MIXOSCOPE is developed in connection with the Exhibition Blind spots. Images of the Danish West Indies colony. It is developed by Space And Time and funded by Handelsgartner Harry Opstrups Fond.